782 Calendar

Date Material Covered Reading Homework
Aug. 24 Introduction to MAS, RoboCup, and Biter. Chp. 1, Soccerserver Manual, and Biter API.  
Aug. 29 Biter review. Agent Architectures Intro.    
Aug. 31 Logic and Reactive architectures. Chp. 1.3-1.4  
Sept. 5 BDI and Layered architectures. AOP. 1.5-2.2 PS1 due (Programming)
Sept. 7 Intro to MAS. Languages Chp. 2.1-2.2 FIPA.org KQML  
Sept. 12 Fipa. Contract Net Chp. 2.3 PS2 due
Sept. 14 Blackboards, Negotiation, MAS TMS Chp 2.3.4- 2.4  
Sept. 19 Task Sharing Chp. 3 PS3 due (Programming)
Sept. 21 Swarm Robotics, Stigmergy, Self-Organization. Search Algorithms. Cooperative Transport by Ants and Robots and
Adaptive Task Allocation Inspired by a Model of Division of Labor in Social Insects
Sept. 26     PS4 due
Sept. 28 Search Algorithms Chp. 4  
Oct. 3 Search Algorithms. Chp. 4  
Oct. 5 Drop date Robocup case studies. The CMUnited-98 Champion Simulator Team.  
Oct. 10 Robocup case studies. The CMUnited-99 Champion Simulator Team The magmafreiburg soccer team. BDI design principles and cooperative implementation in robocup PS5 due (Programming)
Oct. 12 Intro to Game theory. Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5  
Oct. 17 No Classes    
Oct. 19 Presentations   Final Project Proposal due.
Oct. 24 Presentations.    
Oct. 26 Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5. Democratic symmetry: The mathematics of voting - Is there a fair voting system? Scientic American asks the experts.  
Oct. 31 Distributed Rational Decision Making- Voting Chp. 5.3 PS6 due 
Nov. 2 Distributed Rational Decision Making- Auctions Chp. 5.4  
Nov. 7 No Classes    
Nov. 9 Distributed Rational Decision Making- Bargaining, Market Equilibrium Chp. 5.6-5.7  
Nov. 14 Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5 PS7 due
Nov. 16 Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5, On agent-based software engineering  
Nov. 21 No Class    
Nov. 23 No Class: Thanksgiving    
Nov. 28 No Class: Work on your project and presentation.    
Nov. 30 Final Project Presentations Titans, Sharp Shooters, Gamecocks, Fox, AIBO  
Dec. 5 Tournament: 1:00-4pm in 1D11    
Dec. 7 Final Project Presentations JNTU, Laker, Socceraets, Hunter, WildCats, Milan 2000  
Dec. 12     Final writeups due at 10am

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