CSCE 782: Problem Set 5

Due: Tuesday 10 October 2000

Problem 1 (100%): For this problem set you will implement a team of robocup players that can consistently beat the original (i.e, the stable release) biter team. You will remember that the original biter team (and, in fact, the current biter team) has all agents go towards the ball and try to kick it toward the goal. This is a surprisingly successfull tactic since, by virtue of brute strength, the players can often overpower an opposing team.

In order to defeat the biter team, your team will need to be able to pass the ball around in order to keep it away from the "biter collective". Your players will also need to be spaced out. Finally, your players will need to determine when they should pass and when they should dribble so as to minimize the probability that the biter team will intercept one of your passes.

That is, your players will need to make good local decisions while maintaining system-wide coordination.

Your team should be able to score one goal a minute against biter.

If the lack of CPU cycles is a problem, you are allowed to have teams of six players each competing against each other.

You are encouraged to use the new Biter architecture. However, I will warn you that it has not received any serious testing and you will have to extend it to suite your needs. It does implement a very well-structured and easily expandable system so in the long run it might be less work. In the short run it does represent some added work. You will have understand a fairly complex system.

Handing it in:

  1. Place one copy in source on a folder called PS5 on one of your teammembers' home directories (only one copy).
  2. Turn in a printout of your changes.
  3. Turn in an English description of the strategy you used for solving this problem.

Jose M. Vidal
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