CSCE 782: Problem Set 1

Due: Tuesday 5 September 2000

The purpose of this problem set is for you to get acquainted with the basic workings of the soccer server and the Biter soccerclient. For this problem set you will find the following resources extremely helpul:

Problem 1 (80%): You will implement a team of three players that pass the ball between them continously while moving towards the goal. Once they are close to the goal one of them kicks it in.

Problem 2 (20%): Run your team against itself and see what happens. Then improve one of the teams with a generally useful technique (i.e. something that should also work against most other teams) so that it can consitently beat your old team.

Handing it in As I do not have TA's for this class and there are a lot of you, as well as a LOT of code I need to see, I will need you to help me out by following some rules. Pay attention: you will lose 50% if you do not follow these instructions.

  1. You will hand in only one implementation. The team that actually runs should be determined by a command line argument. Specifically, if I run your program with the command line argument "-old" then it should run the team from problem 1. If I run it wiht "-new" it should run the one from problem 2.
  2. You will turn in a well documented printout of your work. The first page on the printout should be the signed coversheet. The printout will only include those Biter files that you have modified and will specify the changes made. I do not have time to try and find which specific lines of the code you changed. You have to tell me, loudly and clearly. Also, try to use a small font (but still readable) so we don't use up so much paper.
  3. You will place all your source code on your home directory on Remember that you need to go the website and create an account first. You will place the files in the directory /home/yourusername/PS1/.

Jose M. Vidal
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