CSCE 782: Final Project

The final project consists of a RoboCup tournament. Each team will consist of 1-3 students and will be responsible for one team. At the end of the semester we will have a tournament where, hopefully, every team will play every other team (time permitting). Your grade will not be determined by your performance in this competition, the competition is meant as a way for you to observe the robustness of the techniques you've developed.

Tournament Setup

For the tournament, the robocup server will run on one of the NT machines in the lab. Your team will run on one (or more) other machines. You must make sure that you can talk to a server in a different machine otherwise you will not be able to participate.

Proposal (10%)

Due: Thursday 19 October 2000

The proposal consists of a writeup which should include:
  1. The members of your team.
  2. The name of your team (preferably, a short work that can be given as the "teamname" to the robocup server).
  3. A short description of your approach.
  4. A short description of your architecture (UML diagram), specifying which particular agent architecture (or mixture) you will implement, what behaviors you plan to use, and how you plan to implement coordination.
and a 5-10 minute talk during class where you go over the previous points for the benefit of everyone in the class.

Final Presentation (20%)

Due: 30 November 2000, or 7 December.

The presentations will be 10 minutes each. Each one should contain:
  1. The design of your project. Why you chose each particular aspect.
  2. Enumerate each of the technologies you used that were explained in class (e.g. is your architecture like a subsumption or BDI architecture? do the agents use contract net? which ideas did you borrow from CMUnited?)
  3. Enumerate any technologies or techniques that your group invented.
  4. The expected strengths and weakness of your team.
  5. Any lessons learned so far?

Final Write-up (70%): due 12 December 2000 @10am, in my office

The final writeup is a document that explains to the reader your approach at solving the robobup problem. Good examples of how to write it are the CMUnited and ATHumboldt papers. It should include:
  1. A Coverpage.
  2. A Distribution of labor, which includes the percentage of the work done by each of the team members, and what parts each worked on. The final grade will be distributed among the teammembers using the percentages you give me.
  3. The design of your project (include UML diagrams). Why you chose each particular aspect. An overview of your architecture: the different pieces and how they relate. Your plan for winning the game.
  4. Explain each of the technologies you used.
  5. Explain any technologies or techniques that your group invented.
  6. Conclusion. Lessons you learned from the tournament. What additions/modifications would you make to the system to make it perform better.
  7. Place the all source code in the class folder.
  8. Include a printout of your code (only the code you wrote). I expected this code to be well-commented following the Javadoc format.

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