USC Thesis and Dissertation LaTeX Style File

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Note: Dr. Ed Gatzke provides an example of how to use the USC Thesis with LyX at

Download the first three files to the same directory and run (pdf)latex and bibtex. The .tex file is an example thesis. The style file adheres to the University of South Carolina Graduate School's Thesis Guidelines and Dissertation Guidelines.

  1. uscthesis.tex
  2. uscthesis.sty
  3. uscthesis.bib
  4. And here is how it looks like: uscthesis.pdf

USC Honors students can use the Honors thesis which uses the Honors title page.

  1. honorsthesis.tex
  2. uschonorsthesis.sty
  3. honorsthesis.pdf

Students from the college or arts and sciences that are getting a Master's degree might prefer this uscthesis.sty with a slightly different coverpage.

Help on LaTeX

The following are a few recommendations for those who are new to LaTeX:

  1. A Beginner's Guide to LaTeX (PDF). A good free introduction to LaTeX with information on installing it on your PC.
  2. Not so Short Introduction to LaTeX (PDF). Another introduction to LaTeX. It has more details on LaTeX markup.
  3. LaTeX Premier. Yet another introduction.
  4. TeXnicCenter. An IDE for TeX. I use Linux+XEmacs but TeXnicCenter plus MiKTex is excellent when on a Windows machines. NOTE: Make sure you set the default page size to letter paper (not A4) for ps2pdf, otherwise your margins will be off when you print your thesis. I've also heard good things about LEd.
  5. A Guide to Latex. It is very nice to have a printed book as reference. This is a good one for beginners.
  6. The LaTeX Companion, Second edition. Now that I am a LaTeX guru, this is the only book I use. At over 1000 pages, it covers everything.
  7. The TeX FAQ. The first place to go if you have a question.
  8. Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. The place where all contributed packages are stored. For advanced users only.

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