822 News (Information)

 Tournament Results
Posted on Wednesday April 26, 03:11PM
The game results were:
Exhibition games:

USC2000    2
SoccerBots 4

Tigers     2
SoccerBots 6

First Round:

Tigers  6
USC2000 1

SoccerBots 1
Great      2

Knights 2
Yetis   1


Tigers 2
Great  1


Tigers  2
Knights 0

So, the tournament winners are the Carolina Tigers team, congratulations! I also want to congratulate all the other teams who participated. There were many good teams with interesting and diverse strategies. You all did a fine job, especially given the fact that there was more "infrastructure" code to write that I had expected. I hope to change this and other aspects of the class in future semester. Thanks for being patient. Again, please email me any comments/suggestions you might have to make this a more pleasant and exciting experience for next semester's class.

Finally, remember to turn in your writeups (try to use diagrams whenever possible) by the deadline. This is a hard deadline since I have to turn in grades to the University.

Have a good summer!

 The games are on!!!
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 04:37PM
The final tournament will be held during next Wednesday's class. We will meet at the NCR lab. The tournament might run longer than the alloted class time.

I have also updated the Final project handout to include info about the write-up. Please note the deadline, and the fact that you have to place a copy of your source in the class folder.

After you turn in the write up, and after a couple of beers and a good night sleep (so you wont hate me as much), I would like to get some feedback on how the course went. As you know, this is the first time I've used robocup to do this so Im wondering if I should do it again. If so, what parts of the class/project need improvement. Im especially curious about what parts of the project you found hardest, most time-consuming, most fun. You can just email me these comments.

Finally, I will be posting the final standings here after the tournament for the whole world to see. And, no, Im not guaranteeing an A in the class for the winning team, but It seems unlikely that they could get anything else ;-)

 Getting more flags from the Robocup Server
Posted on Friday April 14, 02:54PM
If you send an init message of
(init teamname (version 4.00))
then the server will send back all the flags in the field on every see command. I am allowing you to use this command if you want, so you can more consistently determine where your player is located.

 Final Presentations
Posted on Monday April 10, 11:44AM
As you know, the final presentations will be next week. Since we have eight groups, four will present on each of the two days. The presentations must not be longer than 20 minutes (slides will help you a lot). The slots are allocated on a first-ask-first-get manner, see the calendar for the current presentation schedule.

Also, there is no class on Thursday 12 April. Instead I highly encourage groups to drop by my office for advice exchange. I will be in my office during the regular class hours and office hours.

 Final Project Division of Work
Posted on Friday April 07, 02:52PM
As is customary with any group project, part of your writeup will include a section detailing the contributions of each member of the team, so I can tell there has been an even distribution of labor. All team members must agree that the given task allocation, which will also state the percentage of the final product that was developed by each member, is correct. If any member disagrees he/she can send me an email (which I will keep in confidence) and I will schedule a private one-on-one code review with all the team members. Happy coding!

Oh yeah, and anyone who claims to have written code he/she does not understand will fail the class.

 TV for geeks: Code Rush
Posted on Sunday March 26, 05:15PM
The blurb says: "CODE RUSH, airing on PBS Thursday, March 30, 2000, 10:00 p.m. ET (check local listings), takes a dramatic, inside look at living and working in Silicon Valley. The one-hour documentary follows bright and quirky Netscape Communications engineers as they pursue a revolutionary venture to save their company. Through the program's verité style, viewers see human and technological dramas unfold in the collision between science, engineering, code and commerce." Sound interesting.

 The Teams are off!
Posted on Wednesday March 22, 10:28AM
OK, I have graded the proposals. As usual, they are outside my door and the grades are entered. I have also created a page with all the teams. If your team has a homepage please email it to me so I can add a link to it.

 New Robocup Simulation Archive
Posted on Friday March 10, 02:35PM
The Robocup simulator-league organizing committee is preparing for this year's competition (FYI, their submission deadline is April 1). They have also set up a new Robocup Simulation Library Archive, where you can find a lot of useful software.

 Readings for next Wednesday
Posted on Monday February 07, 05:54PM
I have added links to the papers you should read before the next class (Wednesday) in the calendar. These are highly entertaining and interesting papers. I hope you will read them and bring your questions/comments/critiques to class.

 Grades for PS1 and PS2 out.
Posted on Wednesday February 02, 05:57PM
I have graded the two problem sets. You can pick them up outside my door. The grades were very good. However, you can expect my grading to get more demanding as the semester wears on.

 Call for Volunteers to post your solutions
Posted on Monday January 31, 03:54PM
One of you pointed out that, since I do not have solutions for the programming PSs and since there is no right way to do them, it would be useful if you could see the code that other students wrote. I completely agree, but I don't feel right about posting your code without your permission.

I have created folder \\E_WEBSERV\EECE822\Solutions\PS1\ where any of you can copy over your solutions for PS1. If you don't mind sharing your code, please place a copy there.

 PS 3 out, due next week.
Posted on Monday January 31, 02:10PM
PS3 is out (see on the left). I is due next Monday (yeah, I know, thats not what I just said in class, I was confused). It should be a simple change on top of your PS1 code. I hope that you will start experimenting with the server (e.g. running several of your agents on opposite teams) to get a feel for the system.

 New Mailing List
Posted on Friday January 28, 02:31PM
As part of my never-ending effort to avoid my real work, I have set up a mailing list for 822. Please note that none of you are currently subscribed to this list. If you want to subscribe to the list you must go the the mailing list page and subscribe by yourself. You will be asked for a username and password. My system is not very secure so do not use the same password as for your more valuable accounts. On the page you will find a link to the mailing list archives. If you just want to send a message to the list, and don't want to receive any of the email yourself, you can email your question to 822@jmvidal.cse.sc.edu.

And, no, the mailing list and forum are not linked together. Therefore, messages posted on one will not appear in the other. The main advantage of the mailing is that I will get the email immediately and will probably answer sooner.

 Java Swing Presentation
Posted on Wednesday January 19, 04:44PM
The following is an announcement that I thought some of you might be interested in:
Ok folks- here's the deal.  The ACM is bringing in the semester with our
first presentation of the year.  You'll notice this has been sent to the
IEEE group in engineering as well, if that's you we hope to see and meet you
there.  If anybody has questions regarding this email, posting, and/or the
presentation itself, send me an email at ovanders@cs.sc.edu.

WHAT?:	General ACM Meeting
 		Wednesday, January 26th 2000
WHERE?:	Sumwalt 106 
WHY?:		Title :  An Introduction to Java Swing
		Presenter : Billy Turkett
		Description :
		This talk will cover the essentials necessary for developing
		GUI based applets and applications.  The java.awt and swing 
		packages will be covered, as well as event handling and
		the ideas of model-view programming.  Examples of working 
		Swing programs will be shown.

Olivier Vanderstraeten
ACM vice-president

 PS 1 Deadline Extension
Posted on Tuesday January 18, 10:03PM
Since many of you have decided that the semester does not start until February, I have postponed the deadline of PS 1 a week. I strongly suggest that you do not wait to hand both in at the same time. These problem sets take time. The sooner you start the better off you will be. Oh, and I have posted PS 2.

 About choosing between C++ and Java
Posted on Wednesday January 12, 03:30PM
From speaking to some of you, it seems that I might have implied that using Java was "the thing to do". It is not. While it is true that the Java code I provide is more complete than the C++, this will only be relevant for PS1. In fact, if you are using C++ and cannot finish PS1 in time I will be willing to give you an extra week to turn it in.

Regardless, the first PS is very short and only worth 5%. You should, instead, focus on the final project. If you are much more comfortable in one language then using that language will make the work much easier. On the other hand, if you decide to use this class as an opportunity to learn a new language, please keep in mind that this will increase your workload.

In general, I believe that Java is a faster language to program in simply because in Java you do not have to worry about pointers and allocating memory. Still, I do not believe the differences are that great, especially when you know what you are doing.

 SoccerServer Manual Printout Available
Posted on Wednesday January 12, 11:26AM
I have placed some copies of the soccerserver manual outside my door. It is a fairly hefty volume. I recommend that everyone at least scan through the whole thing once to see what's there. This manual will be your second textbook for the class.

 Updates to soccerclient (Java client)
Posted on Tuesday January 11, 11:04AM
I have updated the instructions for compiling and running the Java soccerclient. Please let me know if you are having problems compiling and/or running the software I am making available.

Jose M. Vidal
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