EECE 822: PS 3

Due: Monday, 7 February 2000

Problem 1 (100%): You will take the code you developed for PS1 and implement dribbling at various lengths. That is, instead of your agent kicking the ball all the way to the goal, it should give it small kicks. This part of the problem should only involve on tiny change to your code (change the power of the kick).

Once your agent gets close enough to the goal (around the penalty square), it should then kick it into the goal with full power.

I also recommend that you run two of these agents, on opposing teams. This will give you an idea of how your agent will perform against an opposing team. Throught this project, it is a good idea for you to test your agents by playing them against themselves.

By the end of this problem set you should have a fairly complex independent soccer player. In the next programming PS we will make the agent more aware of the other agents out in the field.

Turning it in:Please make sure to turn in a Hardcopy of the code you have added since PS1. If there are more than one person on your team, turn in only one hardcopy and specify which folder holds the online version. In all cases, you must place a copy of the source code in your class folder.

Jose M. Vidal
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