822 Calendar

Date Material Covered Reading Homework
Jan. 10 Introduction to MAS and RoboCup Chp. 1 & Soccerserver Manual  
Jan. 12 Agent Architectures Intro.    
Jan. 17 No Classes    
Jan. 19 Logic and Reactive architectures. Chp. 1.3-1.4  
Jan. 24 BDI and Layered architectures. AOP. 1.5-2.2 PS1 due (Programming)
Jan. 26 Intro to MAS. Languages Chp. 2.1-2.2 FIPA.org KQML  
Jan. 31 Fipa. Contract Net Chp. 2.3 PS2 due
Feb. 2 Blackboards, Negotiation, MAS TMS Chp 2.3.4- 2.4  
Feb. 7 Task Sharing Chp. 3 PS3 due (Programming)
Feb. 9 Swarm Robotics, Stigmergy, Self-Organization Cooperative Transport by Ants and Robots and
Adaptive Task Allocation Inspired by a Model of Division of Labor in Social Insects
Feb. 14 Search Algorithms Chp. 4 PS4 due
Feb. 16 Search Algorithms Chp. 4  
Feb. 21 Drop date Search Algorithms. Chp. 4 PS5 due (Programming)
Feb. 23 Robocup case studies. The CMUnited-98 Champion Simulator Team.  
Feb. 28 Robocup case studies. The CMUnited-99 Champion Simulator Team The magmafreiburg soccer team. BDI design principles and cooperative implementation in robocup  
Mar. 1 Presentations. Intro to Game theory. Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5 Final Project Proposal due.
Mar. 6 Spring Break. No Classes    
Mar. 8 Spring Break. No Classes    
Mar. 13 Presentations   Final Project Proposal due.
Mar. 15 Presentations.   PS6 due
Mar. 20 Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5. Democratic symmetry: The mathematics of voting - Is there a fair voting system? Scientic American asks the experts.  
Mar. 22 Distributed Rational Decision Making- Voting Chp. 5.3  
Mar. 27 Distributed Rational Decision Making- Auctions Chp. 5.4  
Mar. 29 Distributed Rational Decision Making- Bargaining, Market Equilibrium Chp. 5.6-5.7  
Apr. 3 Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5  
Apr. 5 Distributed Rational Decision Making Chp. 5  
Apr. 10 Agent-Based Software Engineering On agent-based software engineering PS7 due
Apr. 12 No Class Drop by my office for individual help/questions, if needed.  
Apr. 17 Final Project Presentations YETIS, SoccerBots, Team Knights, GREAT  
Apr. 19 Final Project Presentations Tamki, Carolina Tigers, Biter, USC2000  
Apr. 24 No Classes    
Apr. 26 Tournament    
May 3     Final writeups due at 10am

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