// Borrow methods from one class for use by another.
// The arguments should be the constructor functions for the classes
// Methods of built-in types such as Object, Array, Date and RegExp are
// not enumerable and cannot be borrowed with this method.
function borrowMethods(borrowFrom, addTo) {
    var from = borrowFrom.prototype;  // prototype object to borrow from
    var to = addTo.prototype;         // prototype object to extend

    for(m in from) {  // Loop through all properties of the prototye
        if (typeof from[m] != "function") continue; // ignore nonfunctions
        to[m] = from[m];  // borrow the method
// This class isn't good for much on its own. But it does define a
// generic toString() method that may be of interest to other classes.
function GenericToString() {}
GenericToString.prototype.toString = function() {
    var props = [];
    for(var name in this) {
        if (!this.hasOwnProperty(name)) continue;
        var value = this[name];
        var s = name + ":" 
        switch(typeof value) {
        case 'function':
            s += "function";
        case 'object':
            if (value instanceof Array) s += "array"
            else s += value.toString();
            s += String(value);
    return "{" + props.join(", ") + "}";

// This mixin class defines an equals() method that can compare
// simple objects for equality.
function GenericEquals() {}
GenericEquals.prototype.equals = function(that) {
    if (this == that) return true;
    // this and that are equal only if this has all the properties of 
    // that and doesn't have any additional properties
    // Note that we don't do deep comparison.  Property values
    // must be === to each other.  So properties that refer to objects
    // must refer to the same object, not objects that are equals()
    var propsInThat = 0;
    for(var name in that) {
        if (this[name] !== that[name]) return false;

    // Now make sure that this object doesn't have additional props
    var propsInThis = 0;
    for(name in this) propsInThis++;
    // If this has additional properties then they are not equal
    if (propsInThis != propsInThat) return false;

    // The two objects appear to be equal.
    return true;

borrowMethods(GenericEquals, Rectangle);
borrowMethods(GenericToString, Rectangle)

José M. Vidal .

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