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 Final Grades
Posted on Thursday May 10, 04:38PM
are in, on the left.

 On Grades
Posted on Wednesday May 09, 03:55PM
My grading scale is:
  • 90 <= A
  • 88 <= B+ < 90
  • 80 <= B < 90
  • 78 <= C+ < 80
  • 70 <= C < 78
  • 65 <= D < 70
  • 0 <= F < 65
Also, Im afraid that the PS4 grades will not be in before the final is over. If you did the work as before, you can expect the grades to be inline with the previous PSs. That is, there should not be any surprises as long as the work was done.

 Course Evaluation
Posted on Friday May 04, 11:00AM
I will be handing out course evaluations during the final (yeah, great timing, but I just got them). However, those of you who will not be showing up for the final, or those who want more time to meditate on the evaluation questions, can pick up the forms from outside my office. When you fill them out you should use the info:
Instructor ID# 5022
Course# 790
Section# 001

 Technetcast Talks
Posted on Saturday April 21, 09:24AM
Since I won't be able to teach myself, I have added a couple of online lectures to the calendar. They are from very well known figures in the field (who obviously know more about what they are talking about than me). You will want to listen to them. They will be on the final.

 New PS4 Due Date and other Updates
Posted on Monday April 16, 05:51PM
I have moved back the due date for PS4 to 2 May. However, note that if if you hand it in on May 2 it will take me at least a week to grade it (end of term crunch) so you might not know your grade before the date of the final.

I have also updated the calendar to include the readings for after test 4.

 Grades and Final Info
Posted on Friday April 06, 11:09AM
The grades for PS3 are out. Yes, it was way too easy, I realize that. It was originally supposed to make you use java Corba to talk to a C++ Corba object, but I did not have time to set up the OmniORB on the lab computers. Next year!

As far as the final, I have decided that the grade you get on the final will replace your lowest test grade. Specifically, I will only use your four best grades from Test 1-4 and the final. So you can also choose to not take the final if you are happy with your grade without it.

Update Monday April 09, 10:22PM Also, in order to maintain the test-to-PS grade ratio the same in the final grade, each one of the four tests will now be worth 10% of the final grade. So, its 15% for each PS, and 10% for each test.

 Test Question Re-Do
Posted on Wednesday February 28, 03:56PM
For the question:
  • Which of the following choices is something that an RMI remote interface does not need to do?

    • Declare the interface as public.
    • Extend Remote, directly or indirectly.
    • Each method must throw a RemoreException, or higher.
    • Every argument that is a remote object must be declared with the remote interface type.
    • Import java.rmi.Remote.

I am accepting both of the boldface answers. If you answered the second one, bring your test by the office to get your grade updated. Update Wednesday February 28, 10:21PM Also, this other one:
  • Which one of the following is not true.

    • An application can bind/unbind to a registry running on any machine.
    • A remote object server can run on any machine with a JVM.
    • An application can do a lookup on a registry running on any machine.
    • A remote object implementation can implement many remote object interfaces.
    • A remote interface must implement Remote.

because, technically, an interface must extend another interface (note that, since an interface cannot actually implement anything, careless people like me sometimes erroneously use implement).

 Test 2 Grades are Out
Posted on Wednesday February 28, 10:30AM
They are posted on the left. I must say, they are lower than I would have wanted. You really need to do the reading, and to understand what you are reading. Also, please note that we have just now finished the simple stuff. We will now be starting with CORBA and DCOM, both of which are very complex in nature.

 Security Exceptions
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 11:10AM
It seems that the Windows NT Security Manager does not always work the same way as the Unix version. Specifically, the policy file from the getStarted package works fine in Linux but throws a SecurityManagerException in NT when trying to bind to the registry.

Since I am not concerned with security for the purposes of this class, I suggest that you simply do not set a securityManager. That is, do not make a call to System.setSecurityManager. Then you can start the server with the command:

J:\getStart>java -Djava.rmi.server.codebase=file:///j:/getStart/ examples.hello.HelloImpl

If you are interested, I also found that the policy file:

grant {
	// Allow everything for now
	permission "*:1024-65535", "connect,accept";
	permission "*:80", "connect";
works for me in NT. You can also try that to see if it works for you. Of course, if you do not define a SecurityManager then you do not need a policy file. Im giving you the policy file in case you need to use a SecurityManager.

With this, you should be able to at least run the getStarted demo from Sun.

 Returning Grades and PSs
Posted on Monday February 19, 01:48PM
As you know, I have been placing everyone's grades on the website using the last four digits of your SSN. If you do not want me to use this number just email me a new number to use. Also, if you do not want me to place your graded test/PS outside my office door just write on the front page (in large friendly letters) "DO NOT PLACE OUTSIDE OFFICE". I will keep these with me and make a big bonfire at the end of the semester... Ok, ok, I'll give them back to you if you drop by the office.

 PS1 Grades are out
Posted on Friday February 16, 12:44PM
You should have received your PS1 grades and comments in an email. That is, assuming you placed your email in the Readme.txt like I asked. The papers are outside my office and the grades have been updated, as always.

 Mini-Webserver to the Rescue
Posted on Tuesday February 13, 10:17PM
Since, I know some of you are itching to try the code-transferring abilities of RMI but don't because you don't want to mess with setting, I thought I'd mention that Sun has made a mini-webserver available (there is a link from the Activatable tutorial, and I have also placed a copy of it here.) Its all you need to download classes.

If you compile it with jdk 1.3, the compiler will tell you that its overriding a deprecated API, but we don't care about that.

There is a comment in the code that shows you how to start mini-webserver from your remote server, so you don't have yet another program to run.

 PS2 Update
Posted on Friday February 09, 04:01PM
I have updated the PS2 handout. It now specifies the output your program needs to generate.

 Test 1 Grades are Posted!
Posted on Wednesday February 07, 10:56AM
They are, and will be from now on, on the left. Looks like, next time some of you will need to study a bit more. And, before you ask, no, there is no curve.

 About Turning in PSs
Posted on Monday February 05, 06:05PM
For the next time, please turn in the README file in plain text. That is, README.txt, not Readme.doc.

 Answers to Test 1
Posted on Monday February 05, 03:50PM
The answers are posted on that link to the left.

 Update of PS1 (and future) Hand-in Instructions
Posted on Tuesday January 30, 06:44PM
I have updated the PS1 hand-in instructions by giving a specific format for the README file you need to turn in.

 Readings for After the Test
Posted on Tuesday January 30, 11:15AM
If you have finished your project and studied for the test, then you might want to start reading up on Distributed Objects. I added this reading to the calendar and, as always, all the readings in the Calendar will be covered on the test (in this case, test 2).

 Some Reminders
Posted on Monday January 29, 04:27PM
A few things I want people to remember:
  • Bring your questions to class this Wednesday.
  • PS1, like all of them, is due before class, no exceptions.
  • The calendar is constantly being updated to reflect what we will cover and what you should be reading. Check it often.

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