790A Calendar

Date Material Covered Reading Homework
Jan. 17 Overview. History. Basic Networking Layers. IP. DNS. Ports. Firewall. Proxy. Chp. 2 of Steflik. Chp. 2 of Harold  
Jan. 22 Client/Server. n-tier. IETF. RFCs. W3C. URI. URL. URN. HTTP. CGI. Chp. 2,3 of Harold.  
Jan. 24 Java I/O streams. DNS. URL class. Browser.java. Sockets for clients. Sockets for servers. Chp. 4,6,7,10,11 of Harold.  
Jan. 29 Secure sockets, UDP. Chp. 12,13 of Harold  
Jan. 31 Time for questions.    
Feb. 5 Test 1   PS 1 due
Feb. 7 Intro to Distributed Object Computing Chapter 3 of Java Distributed Computing, except for the section on CORBA.  
Feb. 12 Java RMI. Steflik Chp 5. Getting Started with RMI. Dynamic code downloading using RMI. .  
Feb. 14 Java RMI. Steflik Chp 5. Creating a Custom RMI Socket Factory. Creating an Activatable Remote Object  
Feb. 19 Pros/cons of RMI.Overview. Components intro. RMI whitepaper. RMI Specification, Chp. 1-3.  
Feb. 21 Time for questions.    
Feb. 26 Test 2   PS 2 due
Feb. 28 CORBA Introduction. Corba Specs, chp.2 (optional). Corba: Integrating Diverse.... Corba Overview.  
March 5 CORBA. Java and CORBA. Corba and Java 2. Java IDL: Using Corba. Getting Started with Java IDL. Steflik, Chp. 6. Java IDL (the root of all info).  
March 7 Java and CORBA. Java Beans. Developing Java Beans, Chp. 1. Chp. 8 of Steflik.  
March 12 Spring Break. No classes.    
March 14 Spring Break. No classes.    
March 19 Corba and C++.    
March 21 Time for questions.    
March 26 Test 3   PS 3 due
March 28 COM Introduction. Thai, chp. 1-2.  
April 2 DCOM Thai, chp. 2.  
April 4 DCOM Thai, chp. 2-3.  
April 9 DCOM Thai, chp. 3.  
April 11 DCOM Thai, chp. 4.  
April 16 No Class. Easter Holiday    
April 18 Thai, chp. 5.    
April 23 No Class    
April 25 Test 4    
April 30 .NET dot now SOAP Spec, don't worry about the details.  
May 2 Bill Joy on Java and Jini Jini Architecture. PS 4 due
May 10 Final at 2:00pm    

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