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 Tournament Results
Posted on Wednesday December 05, 10:16PM
I have placed the log files for all the games under the logs directory in the soccerserver directory.The final standings were

Samurai 4, 6
KAR 6, 10 5, 6
China 1, 8 7, 0 3, 4
Sachin 0, 18 0, 10 2, 1 7, 1
  Betir Samurai Kar China

which makes the final ordering:

  1. Betir
  2. Samurai
  3. Sachin
  4. Kar
  5. China
However, everyone seems to have done done good work. Remember to hand in the writeups and to follow all the instructions I give on the handout since you will be graded on it, and good explanations will help me better understand all the work you put into this project. The grades will be posted a couple of days after you turn them in.

Happy holidays!

Update: Saturday, 05 October 2002, 02:57PM I have now made available the log files for the games.

 Server.conf for Tournament
Posted on Tuesday December 04, 05:25PM
As I have told many of you, for the tournament we will be using the server.conf in /acct/f1/jmvidal/sserver-7.10/server/server.conf. If you run the soccerserver an monitor by executing the file /acct/f1/jmvidal/sserver-7.10/sserver then you are already using the correct file.

Specifically, during the tournament I will be starting the server and monitor by executing the sserver above. Notice that it writes a logfile on game.log and game.rec for later playback. I will be collecting these.

 Robocup Tournament Room
Posted on Thursday November 15, 09:42AM
I have reserved 1D39 for Wed. 5 December from 3-6pm. We will hold the tournament there. I plan to run the soccerserver and monitor in one machine and you can run your players in any of the other machines in there. If you really want you could run your team from a different lab (e.g., an NT lab) but this might put you at a slight disadvantage because of latency (you might lose a milliseconds).

Anyway, remember to test your team for running with a soccerserver on a different machine!

 Tournamet Log Files Available
Posted on Tuesday November 13, 09:35PM
I have placed logfiles from the real Robocup tournament in sserver-7.10/games/. You can replay them with the command ./logplay <gamefile>. If you get a "can't bind local address" error message its probably because the port is still "busy". In Solaris the ports sometimes stay busy a few minutes after the last program using them quit (at least, this is what I have observed). If so, you can just make a copy of the logplay file for yourself and change the port number there (the default is 4010). Remember to change it in both places, and that valid ports are from 1024 to 65536.

 On Strategic Bargaining
Posted on Monday November 05, 05:45PM
One of my comments on strategic bargaining was wrong. Namely, the payoff does not stay the same. It changes every two rounds, decreasing as we get nearer to the deadline. I guess the slide was right after all!

 Back to Soccerserver 7.10
Posted on Sunday November 04, 09:34PM
Ive gotten complaints that there is no sample configuration file available for the 8.02 version of soccerserver and, since their parameters are different from what we trained with, that Biter does not work "out-of-the-box" with 8.02.

So, we are taking the easy road and going back to 7.10. This will be the version used in the tournament. It is available at /acct/f1/jmvidal/sserver-7.10 and should be capable of reading the server.conf that comes with Biter.

 Soccerserver Information
Posted on Tuesday October 30, 02:51PM
We will be using the latest (8.02) version of the soccerserver with the standard tournament settings. That means you will run it without giving it any parameters. I just did a minimal test and the standard seems to work OK with it, altough I expect that some changes will be needed to the constants in some of the Biter behaviors...maybe.

In general, Im not opposed to making changes to the server and player configuration files to make things easier, as long as everyone knows about them beforehand. So, if anyone has a specific request, let me know.

Finally, I have placed the executables under /acct/f1/jmvidal/rcsoccersim-8.02/ on the unix machines. You should be able to run it from there, in case you do not want to install it. To do so, you need to:

  1. cd /acct/f1/jmvidal/rcsoccersim-8.02
  2. Run the server: ./rcssserver/src/rcssserver
  3. Run the soccer monitor: rcssmonitor/src/ rcssmonitor/
  4. Run Biter: biter/make run
Also note that the standard biter does print out a lot of information. You will eventually want to get rid of all that.

Update Friday November 02, 08:55AM The soccerserver writes a log file to the "current directory". As such, you should add the directories above to your PATH variable so that you can execute the server and save the log files to your home directory.

 Test 3 Moved Up One Day
Posted on Saturday October 27, 09:28AM
In case you had not noticed, I moved test 3 to Wednesday, 7 November 2001. I did this to even out the number of class days for Test 3 and Test 4. They are now both at five days.

 PS 1 Grades are Out
Posted on Monday October 22, 01:34PM
They are posted on the left. I wrote a few comments with explanations for each of the groups but since you did not give me your email addresses I cannot email them to you. If you want to get a copy of my comments just send me an email.

 Biter 2.0 out!
Posted on Friday October 19, 05:38PM
I have update the Biter source code and made the official 2.0.0 release which you will use to build your final project. You can now download the sourcecode and start hacking. Let me know of any serious bugs you find (especially usefull if you include a fix :-)

 South Carolina Information Technology Institute Talks
Posted on Saturday September 22, 09:40PM
This Monday, September 24th, the South Carolina Information Technology Institute will begin what is called the "Seminars on IT Professions". These seminars are aimed towards students that are interested in learning more about various software companies and what type of work they do, whether they are interested in hiring, etc. This is a very good opportunity for you as a student to get your name in with some of the most successful software companies in South Carolina and surrounding areas. There will be refreshments provided, so please plan to attend. Shown below is the list to date of companies that will be presenting. These seminars will be located in Amoco Hall at 4:00 PM for each of the dates.
Monday, September 24, 2001 - Modis Info Sys 
Monday, October 1, 2001 - Impressa 
Monday, October 8, 2001 - OPEN
Monday, October 22, 2001 - The Vanguard Group 
Monday, October 29, 2001 - Accenture 
Monday, November 5, 2001 - OPEN
Monday, November 12, 2001 - SCANA 
Monday, November 19, 2001 - Sunrise Partners 
Monday, December 3, 2001 - SPAWAR 

 Test 1 Solutions
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 05:02PM
The solutions to test 1 are posted on the left. Also, I will be posting the grades on this website using the last four digits of your SSN. If you want me to use another 4 digits (or, whatever) just send me an email.

 Mailing List Working
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 10:09AM
The mailing list for this class is working now. You should be able to subscribe and reply to the verification message without having it bounce on you

 Talk Slides Online Now
Posted on Sunday September 09, 03:41PM
I have created and added html slides for next Monday's talk. You can get to the slides for any particular day (if available) from the calendar. I must, however, warn you that reading the slides is not a substitute for reading the papers and attending lecture, especially when it comes to the tests.

 Mailing List Not Working
Posted on Wednesday September 05, 05:29PM
The mailing list is not working. We have to either get the university's firewall to stop blocking part 25 on source or figure out how to set the MX records on moultrie so that mail will be forwarded appropiately (unfortunately, the MTA on moultrie refuses to forward mail to source since its MX record points back to moultrie). Anyway, we are working on it.

Jose M. Vidal
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