Biter: A Robocup Client

Biter is a basic RoboCup soccerserver client and is used on a MultiAgent Systems class. It is written in Java. The program has the following features:

  1. It maintains an absolute-coordinate map (world model) of the field and the things in it.
  2. It has a GUI which displays this world model.
  3. It provides many basic behaviors and utility functions to help you get started (e.g., dribbling, intercepting, etc.).
  4. It can run a number of players, each in its own thread.
  5. It implements a Generic Agent Architecture which can be extend to do almost anything you want.

It is also very well documented, here is the API, as well as the UML diagrams and a long paper on it, as well as the published version. You can also get the rational rose .mdl file. Finally, you can gain some insights on the architecture by looking at our Generic Agent Architecture paper.


You can get:

Latest Build on Sept 7 2002.


Biter was written by Paul Buhler, Shaun Wood, and José M. Vidal.

Goal, goal, goal!

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