Graduate Student Presenations

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 08:35:45 EST

The graduate student presenations are scheduled for April 28. They should be around 10 to 15 minutes long. Every graduate student taking this class must do a presentation. For these presentations simply choose a technology (javascript library, web service API, development environment, etc.) that has not been covered in class and tell us about it: what are its pros and cons? how does it compare to other approaches?

Final Project Posted

Thu, 03 Apr 2008 15:54:11 EST

I have posted the requirements for the final project as well as a couple of ideas for possible projects, but I am sure you can come up with better ideas yourself.

PS3 Hand-in Update

Fri, 21 Mar 2008 17:57:33 EST

When you email me your PS3, as well as the final project later on, make sure you specify who worked on the project and which specific parts of the project each person worked on.

Why so Many Programming Languages?

Wed, 19 Mar 2008 21:14:00 EST

Today in class Adam asked: why are there so many programming languages? Just now my wife asked me the same question as I was busy reading my ruby on rails book, which she thought was a new rock band. I think I now have a succint answer.

There are a lot of programming languages for the same set of reasons that explain why there are so many tools, many of which do the same thing, at the Home Depot. If you have a garage full of tools, like I do, then you know what these reasons are.

The Web is the Platform

Wed, 12 Mar 2008 18:36:22 EST

I know I've mentioned this a lot in class but there is a new example of the web as a platform that surprised me. The game Spore (from the guy that gave us SimCity et al) automatically uploads movies of your spore to youtube. This has been made possible by the new Youtube API, check out their video introduction. We are just at the beginning. Expect to see an explosion of web-enabled software to appear over the next 10 years. In fact, I expect that within a decade all software will use some kind of web back end with few exceptions.

PS 3 Posted

Tue, 04 Mar 2008 10:26:25 EST

I have posted problem set 3 so you can get an early start on it. This problem set requires you to use your full AJAX skills: Javascript + HTMl + CSS + Java Servlets + JSON libs. You don't need to use a database but you can, if you want. Specifically, you can use grab my netbeans + derby code to get you started on using JDBC to interact with the Java DB (derby) which comes with Netbeans. You could use the database to keep track of the pictures and, if you choose, user nicknames and high scores.

Also, feel free to improve on my game if you think you can make it more engaging.

PS 2 Moved Back

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:14:08 EST

I have moved the PS 2 due date back to March 17, but note that PS 3 will be due two weeks later on March 31. I will be posting PS 3 next week.

Javascript Tips

Mon, 25 Feb 2008 16:12:01 EST

Here are a few tips based on common mistakes I've seen in the past:

Javascript Quick Reference

Wed, 20 Feb 2008 16:21:48 EST

If you are feeling overwhelment by Javascript + DOM, I highly recomment these quick reference cards. You can download one for Javascript, which also includes a bit of the DOM, and another one for CSS. Here is another one

PS 2 Posted

Thu, 14 Feb 2008 15:21:40 EST

I have just posted the new PS 2. We have not covered enough of javascript for you to be able to get started, but you can get started reading the google chart API.

NetBeans Javascript Plugin

Thu, 14 Feb 2008 14:15:13 EST

There is a javascript plugin for netbeans available, and here is the FAQ on how to install a plugin for netbeans. I installed it and it does syntax coloring and building a function tree but not much else, as fas as I can see.

Free Servlets Books

Thu, 31 Jan 2008 10:23:45 EST

If you are looking for a more leisurely introduction to Java Servlets and don't want to pay, I recomment these books.

Mentalist Code

Wed, 30 Jan 2008 16:24:25 EST

Here is the code for the mentalist servlet I demoed in class today. It is a good simple example of how to use the session object.

PS 1 Posted

Sat, 26 Jan 2008 10:13:03 EST

Problem Set 1 has been posted. We will start covering Java Servlets this Monday. I suggest you install and play with netbeans if you have not done so (you want the "Web & Java EE" version, or the "all")


Mon, 14 Jan 2008 13:14:34 EST

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