CSCE 590: Problem Set 3

Due: Wednesday, 28 March 2007 @2:30pm

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RSS News Reader

For this problem set you will implement an AJAXy multi-user RSS news reader. Your program will be composed of a Java Servlet which fetchs all the RSS feeds the users have subscribed to and outputs XML. The server should only fetch a feed once, and not once for each user that is subscribed to it. The server will store the feeds in memory (or, in a file if you want).

An important requirement of this project is that communication between the client and server is to be mostly done with the use of xhr object that will return xml snippets. Specifically, you will implement at least the following messages:

Thus, the user's interaction with you web application should never require a full page refresh.

Submission Instructions

As will all the problem sets, you will hand them in using our department's dropbox.

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