Information for TargetShare Members

Just some stuff that I think might be useful to new students.


The source control system we use is CVS. Its homepage is at

For those of you new to CVS, you can visit the CVS homepage for information. By far, the best reference I have found is the free The CVS Book (available for free online), especially the first chapter.

If you will be programming in Windows NT, you will need to either dowloand the basic command-line CVS or the GUI client WinCVS.

The CVS server is at, and the directory is /usr/local/cvsroot/radsimclient. You will need a username and password, which you can get by going to and creating a new account. Before you do that, make sure you read the FAQ.

Current Code

If you dont want to check out the module, you can also simply visit the RadsimClient developers' page where you will find our latest source code, API, mailing lists, tasks, bugs, nightly build, etc.

Our old simulator ants is also available, as well as the Software API (might be a bit dated). It implements the original "Blacklist" algorithm and has the advantage that it can run as an applet. Its pretty neat.

Useful Pointers

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