1. Make sure all constant definitions in remote interfaces are of primitive types or String and evaluated at compile time.
  2. Don't use Java names that conflict with IDL mangled names generated by the Java to IDL mapping rules.
  3. Don't inherit the same method name into a remote interface more than once from different base remote interfaces.
  4. Be careful when using names that differ only in case. The use of a type name and a variable of that type whose name differs from the type name only in case is supported. Most other combinations of names that differ only in case are not supported.
  5. Don't depend on runtime sharing of object references to be preserved exactly when transmitting object references across IIOP. Runtime sharing of other objects is preserved correctly.
  6. Don't use the following features of RMI:
    • RMISocketFactory
    • UnicastRemoteObject
    • Unreferenced
    • The Distributed Garbage Collection (DGC) interfaces

José M. Vidal .

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