1997 RMI introduced in JDK 1.1. Initially, RMI was positioned as a natural outgrowth of Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), strictly for enabling calls to be made between Java objects in different virtual machines, and even on different physical machines.
1998 JDK 1.2 introduced Java IDL which includes an ORB, IIOP support, and idltojava.
1999 RMI over IIOP extension to Java introduced for JDK 1.1.6 and 1.2. This enabled remote objects written in the Java programming language to be accessible from any language via IIOP.
2000 J2SE introduced idlj which is written in Java and replaced idltojava
2001 J2SE v.1.4 includes support for the Portable Object Adapter, Portable Interceptors, Interoperable Naming Service, GIOP 1.2, and Dynamic Anys

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