This talk introduces the basic architecture for FIPA-OS. It summarizes the material from:

1 Introduction

2 Architecture

3 Packages

4 Core Class: ACL

5 Core Class: Envelope, Message, Diagnostics


7 TaskManager

8 ConversationManager

9 GenericAgent

10 Ping Agent Example

The Ping Agent will try to ping all the other ping agents that it knows about every 5 minutes, and will respond to any pings it receives. It does this with tasks:

11 PingAgent


  1. FIPA-OS: FIPA Everywhere.,
  2. FIPA-OS Developer's Guide.,
  3. FIPA-OS Tutorials.,
  4. FIPA-OS homepage,
  5. FIPA-OS Javadocs,

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28 May 2002, 08:58AM