SoccerBeans: A Robocup Client


SoccerBeans is an agent framework for the RoboCup domain. It is used as a research and educational tool for our graduate level course on Multiagent Systems. SoccerBeans builds on our previous work - Biter, and inherits all the features from its predecessor. Some of the other salient characteristics of the software are as follows:

  1. It is based on the JavaBeans Technology, and it enables us to develop sophisticated soccer teams without writing any code!
  2. It provides many player behaviors (e.g., dashing, turning, dribbling, etc.) and potential decision criteria (e.g., ball distance, number of opponents closing in, self position on the field, etc.) as beans. You can develop a player by simply plugging together the required components. (See the tutorial for further details).
  3. We have to simply design decision tree-like plans for individual players, assuming that they play from the left side. The rest of the stuff is handled for us by the framework! (See the tutorial for further details).
  4. It can be extended to incorporate other player behaviours and decisions not currently supported by the framework.
782 students: you can download the manifest file, Hrishikesh's class presentation, and his MS Thesis Building Blocks for Agent Design.



In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and run a simple player that can dribble the ball to goal using the SoccerBeans framework.

Running the Sample Team


SoccerBeans was written by Hrishikesh Goradia. Biter was written by Paul Buhler, Shaun Wood, and José M. Vidal.