The Auction Manager Agent


The purpose of the Auction Manager Agent (AMA) is both to generate and track auctions as well as to serve as a tool for exploring alternative market configurations. Currently the AMA is used to automate the process of creating a well-specified market. Agents request auctions for the services they sell/buy from the AMA. Using the SCA, the AMA determines which auctions sell these services. If one or more such auctions exist, then the agent is notified of their agent-ids. Otherwise, the AMA creates one and then informs the requesting agent of its location. Since the AMA uses the SCA to generalize service descriptions, the description sent by the agent does not have to exactly match the auction's service description.

This simple behavior provides a good deal of functionality. However, in the future, since the number of possible markets in UMDL is virtually unbounded, we will need to account for market overhead costs and recommend the most appropriate auctions.

Jose M. Vidal
Tue Sep 30 14:35:40 EDT 1997