CSCE 883: Machine Learning

Instructor: José M. Vidal
Office: SWGN 3A51
Office Hours: Check my Calendar, or email me for appointment.
Registration: Here
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30-1:45pm
Room: Swearingen Room 2A15
Textbook: Machine Learning by Tom Mitchell.

Item Percentage
Tests (3) 20% each, for a 60% total.
Problem Sets (2) 20% each, for a 40% total.

We will adhere USC's statement on academic responsibility. This means that expulsion procedures will be initiated for anyone caught either giving or receiving help in a problem set or test. I will be grading everything myself since this class does not have a TA. Please, try to help out by properly commenting your code.

Problem Sets: These will be programming exercises to be done individually.

Tests: There will be two tests. The tests are open book.

Overview: This class will provide a solid foundation in the field of machine learning. We will cover all the major learning techniques.

Prerequisites: This is an advanced graduate class. You need to be fluent in all the basic data structures and algorithms. You also need to have taken an introductory AI class and possess a good deal of mathematical sophistication.

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Jose M. Vidal
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