The answers are in boldface.

  1. SOAP stands for:

  2. SOAP is best described as a:

    It is not a DOS, just a protocol.

  3. A SOAP message is an XML document that consists of:

  4. If you wanted to encode a variable named "height" of type "float" with a value of 5.9 using SOAP, the result would look like:

  5. The fact that SOAP can be used with HTTP means that

  6. The purpose of the Jini architecture is to

  7. Jini services communicate with each other via

  8. The hear of the Jini system is a trio of protocols called

  9. Say you write a Jini service and it registers with the Lookup service. At a later time the service dies. What will happen?

  10. A Jini service is in fact

  11. The correct Java notation for chaining a BufferedInputStream around a given FileInputStream fin is:

  12. The difference between the OutputStreamWriter and the OutputStream class hierarchies lies in the fact that:

  13. If you type the URL into a good web browser, the browser will:

  14. After you issue a GET command to an http server and receive a response from the server:

  15. In Java, the code for sending a UDP message String msg = "Hello" to InetAddress ia at port 4848 is:

  16. Most machines on the Internet use the SMTP protocol to exchange email. If you are not receiving email sent to you it could be because:

  17. Which one of these statements about TCP and UDP is true?

  18. On January 2001 Microsoft's websites could not be reached because of a DNS misconfiguration, which meant that:

  19. The difference between a class B and a class C address is that:

  20. In order to fetch a file pointed to by some URL held in String myurl, you need to:

  21. The RemoteObject extends Object and implements (overrides) which methods?

  22. Say your RMI client has a reference to a remote object which extends UnicastRemoteObject. Then, the server for that object dies but is quickly restarted. If you were to invoke a method call on that object, what would happen?

  23. The following are implementations of Distributed Object Systems (DOS):

  24. In a Distributed Object System each call to a member function of a remore object instance is sent to the object server as a message containing (pick best):

  25. The codebase property value contains:

  26. The steps to get an RMI system running are:

  27. In RMI, when can a remote interface extend a non-remote interface?

  28. The following code is (assume the ... are replaced by the appropiate code):

    public interface Hello extends Remote { 
        String sayHello() throws RemoteException;
    public class HelloImpl extends UnicastRemoteObject
    	implements Hello {
    	public HelloImpl() throws RemoteException { ...};
    	public String sayHello() { ...	}
    	private String sayGoodbye(){ ... };

  29. The primary goal of a Distributed Object System is to:

  30. Your boss asks you to build a system that will allow people on their workstations to do their heavy computing work on the supercomputer. You decide to use RMI and implement remote object. Your deployment will look like:

  31. The CORBA Interface Repository

  32. The CORBA IIOP is:

  33. The creation of a new CORBA object is achieved by:

  34. A CORBA IDL file is mapped into a domain language by

  35. In Sun's Java CORBA implementation, the Naming Service is provided by:

  36. Which one of the following lists contains one or more keywords not supported by the CORBA IDL?

  37. A Java Bean is (pick one that matches Sun's definition):

  38. The minimum requirements for a Java class to be consitered a Java Bean are:

  39. Object references can be obtained by:

  40. All CORBA interfaces

  41. An out-of-process COM component knows that it is time to kill itself when

  42. If you run the following code:

    class IFoo{
      virtual int _stdcall GetFirst();
      int m_nFirst;
    ///then, later, in main()
    Ifoo * i = ...(get an object)
    Ifoo * j = ...(get a different object)
    How many vptr and vtbl will be created for this code?

  43. In a MIDL file, an attribute is

  44. In MIDL, the attribute that tells us that this is a COM interface is

  45. The library keyword in a MIDL interface file tells the MIDL compiler to

  46. An in-process COM component knows that it is time to kill itself when

  47. COM components keep their own reference count by

  48. Say you generate a program that implements the MIDL function

    HRESULT foo([in,ref] wchar_t * a, [in,ref] wchar_t *b );
    and is then called be the client with:
    inside the function foo(), a and b are:

  49. The IDispatch interface in COM supports

  50. When a client is done using COM interface it should

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