CSCE 782: Problem Set 0

Due: Never

Figure 1: A picture of what your final program should look like. Click on the picture to see the applet and get the source code.

The turtles in the world go round and round

This is a simple exercise to help you get started working with netlogo. Your goal is to implement a program which looks like Figure 1 where all the turtles are moving around in a circle. The program itself should not be any longer than about half a page of code. The turtles can use the locations of the others in order to calculate their move, but each turtle's decision must be made independently, that is, without communicating with other turtles. The buttons have the following function:

Your turtles should do form the circle without using the absolute coordinate grid. That is, you cannot specify, for example, that the center of the circle is at 0,0. In fact, the circle will probably move around the screen if you have a correct implementation.

In order to keep everyone's programs roughly the same, you should implement a turtle function called move which does the actual work. The update function will simply ask turtles [move] and the turtles will move exactly speed.

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A funny comic strip.

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