CSCE 782: Problem Set 4

Due: 17 December 2006, midnight

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For this final project you can choose to do a didactic project or a research project.

Research Project

Choose a paper from AAMAS 04, AAMAS 05, AAMAS 06, AAAI 05, AAAI 06, my library, or anywhere else and implement the algorithm as well as your own improvement tot he algorithm. That is, show how you can come up with a solution that is, in some way, better than the one they show.

You can also choose to improve upon any of the algorithms in the textbook.

Finally, if you have your own research idea, drop by and we can discuss it.

Didactic Project

The goal here is to develop a NetLogo application that can be used to teach students how a multiagent algorithm works. You can pick from any of the algorithms in the textbook that have not yet been implemented or any of the other ones referenced in the textbook.

Since this netlogo program is to be used by students it will need to be highly polished (look pretty) and have solid documentation.

Submission Instructions

As will all the problem sets, you will hand them in using our department's dropbox.

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