CSCE 782: Final Project

Due: Monday, 6 December 2004 @noon

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Research Project

For your final project you will carry out a small research project of your own choosing. I highly recommend that you consult with me, as many times as necessary, on the topic and breadth of your research. You can email me for an appointment or drop by if you want. The main grading criteria I will be using are:

  1. Clearly stating your hypothesis or problem statement. You should be able to summarize what you are trying to do in a couple of sentences and then provide more detailed explanations.
  2. Comparison with other approaches. You should explain why this problem is different from others we studied, or why your solution is different from the others.
  3. Convincing yet succinct testing. You should provide enough test results to clearly state your case. I do not want to see 20 pages of graphs with little or not explanation. Instead, I would prefer just a couple of well-chosen graphs that prove the point you clearly explain in the text.

Note that it is OK to fail. You do not necessarily have to provide a better solution than an established one as long as your solution seems reasonable and you do the necessary testing to show just how the two compare.

Submission Instructions

You will turn in a paper that describes your research, along with your NetLogo or other programs you used, if any. The paper should not be more than 16 pages of single-spaced text. If you want, you use the official AAMAS formatting, but that is not a requirement.

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