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  1. The ultimate goal of the Robocup tournament is

  2. The Soccerserver communicates with the players using

  3. In the soccerserver, if a player sends more than one move command in one time slice, what happens?

  4. In the soccerserver, the sense_body contains what?

  5. Which one of the following is a good way to slow down the performance of your RoboCup player?

  6. The ISIS RoboCup team learned that "competition with collaboration" is a good technique. What did they mean by this phrase?

  7. Which one of the following items only has common value?

  8. What is the dominant strategy for an English auction?

  9. One problem with a First-Price Sealed-Bid auction is that

  10. The Dutch auction is used to sell flowers because

  11. The Vickrey auction is a

  12. The most important thing you need to know about a Vickrey auction with private value goods is that

  13. On which type of auction does the seller make more money, assuming private value and risk-neutral agents?

  14. Which auctions self-enforce bidder collusion agreements? (that is, cheating)

  15. In a double auction, we define the surplus as

  16. In an auction, the clearing rules specify

  17. Which one of the following is not a common characteristic of a negotiation setting?

  18. Which one of the following statements about the task allocation problem is not true?

  19. In negotiation, a rational deal for an agent is one where

  20. Agents 1 and 2 are using the monotonic concession protocol. Their negotiation will end when one of the following happens, which one?

  21. If you are involved in negotiations with another agent that is using the Zeuthen strategy, what is your best strategy?

  22. In the general task allocation problem with subadditve cost function, which one of the following are viable ways for an agent to cheat?

  23. What is a pairwise comparison vote?

  24. Which of the following desired properties of a voting system is violated by pairwise comparison?

  25. Which one of the following is a problem with the Borda count?

  26. If using Fictitious play two agents converge on some strategy then

  27. Under Fictitious play

  28. In the replicator dynamics for learning in games

  29. An Evolutionary Stable Strategy is defined as

  30. What is the moving target function problem in multiagent learning?

  31. What does the CLRI theory provide for its users?

  32. What is a 1-level agent?

  33. In the filtering algorithm at each turn each agent runs a procedure called revise to two variables (its own, and one that belongs to another agent). This procedure does the following:

  34. The 4-queens problem is k-consistent for which k? Pick the largest possible k.

  35. The hyper-resolution rule is

  36. An agent that implements the asynchronous backtracking algorithm must maintain

  37. The asynchronous backtracking is guaranteed to always finish (that is, never getting into an infinity loop) thanks to the fact that

  38. The difference between asynchronous backtracking and asynchronous weak-commitment search is that

  39. You are given a graph with nodes named a,b,c,d,e and directed edges (a,b), (b,d), (a,c), (c,d), (b,e), (d,e). All edges have a weight of 1. Node e is the goal node. If all agents are using asynchronous dynamic programming and at each step all nodes do one update, how many steps will it take for us to find the length of the shortest path from a to e?

  40. For the learning real-time A* algorithm, which one is a necessary condition for the algorithm to find the answer?

  41. Problem solving using benevolent agents only is also known as

  42. Distributed goal search involves using a graph that

  43. Why do we need to specify conventions that describe the situations when commitments should be re-considered?

  44. What is a joint action commitment?

  45. Which one of the following is not a building block for achieving coordination in a multiagent system?

  46. Meta-level information exchange is an important coordination technique. In it

  47. Which one of the following is a concept and not just a buzzword?

  48. Which one of the following is a reason why you should not use too much AI when building your industrial multiagent system?

  49. In the ADEPT project a multiagent system was built to handle

  50. In a typical multiagent implementation geared towards solving an information retrieval among heterogeneous resources problem (like the UMDL), the goal of a user agent is to

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