782: Getting Started Guide

Running a demo on the lab (NT) machines

  1. Find my machine: It is called ef-vidal and you will find it in the network neigborhood.
  2. Go to the Share/Robocup directory.
  3. Start the soccerserver: go to winserver/Release/ and doubleclick on ServerStart.
  4. Start the monitor: go to Robowin/ and doubleclick on Soccermonitor. When the monitor comes up go under soccermonitor->connect. On the pop up window, set the host to "localhost" or the hostname (or IP number) of the machine that is running the soccerserver.
  5. Run the User Interface Agent. This is a simple client that takes input from the keyboard and sends it to the server. That is, it allows you to become one of the players. Go to Robowin/Agent/Release/ and doubleclick on Basis. When the window pops up click on the "connect to server" button (top left). Set the team name (e.g. "usa") and host name of machine running soccerserver (e.g. "localhost"). You can then use the keys: i-forward, k-backward, j-turn left, l-turn right, and the space bar to kick the ball.
Notice how your player slows down if you make it run a lot. Basically, the players quickly get tired of running and need to rest in order to be able to run fast again. On the other hand, the player can always kick the ball really hard (say, to a teammate).

Running Biter

  1. You will need the jdk 1.2 (i.e. Java 2) installed on your machine.
  2. Compile it and run it: java biter.SoccerClient

Jose M. Vidal
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