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  1. What is the difference between a firewall and a proxy?

  2. If machine has IP number then machine must have an IP number of the form:

  3. When you access the URL http://elmo:8080 you are connecting to

  4. A Universal Resource Name (URN) is

  5. MIME was originally developed for

  6. The HTTP "HEAD URI" request command

  7. Which of the following is a correct example of XHTML?

  8. As a programmer you want XHTML to be used by everyone, instead of HTML, because

  9. The root element of an XHTML document is

  10. Which of the following is a CSS rule (or set of rules) that says that any link that appears within an h1 title must be red (but not those outside), while the title is blue?

  11. Which one of the following is not one of the units you can use in CSS?

  12. The separation of concerns between XHTML and CSS is one where

  13. The "Cascade" in CSS refers to

  14. The CGI method does not scale well because

  15. Which of the following languages is not one used to write code that is inserted in an HTML page and executed by the web server?

  16. Which one of the following is not a reason why you should use Java servlets?

  17. When writing a servlet, you must (as in, it is required that)

  18. In terms of you program code, the communication between your Java servlet and the client happens via

  19. If I access your servlet with the URL http://server/servlet/progname?name=buffy, you can get "buffy" with the command

  20. Why is it that in a servlet we can make the implementation of the doPost() simply a call to the doGet()?

  21. A .war file (WAR) is

  22. Under the default settings, whenever a client makes a request of a servlet

  23. A servlet server creates one instance of the servlet

  24. If you want to support persistent connections in your servlet you need to make sure that

  25. When the servlet replies with a MOVED_TEMPORARILY or MOVED_PERMANENTLY response code

  26. The Cache-control HTTP response header tells us

  27. The reason that ServletException.getRootCause() exists is

  28. If while your servlet is writing its response to the user the user presses the stop button, what happens?

  29. What is the job of a WAP gateway?

  30. In WML every page consists of

  31. If you wanted to write a servlet that generates dynamic images then you would need to use Java's standard API for drawing along with

  32. Which one of the following is not a method for implementing session tracking in HTTP?

  33. If you want to make everyone who visits your website and, later on, visits to give their server the string "Resistance is Futile", what can you do?

  34. Java servlets provide a session tracking API which allows you to do many things. Which one of the following things is not something that the API allows you to do.

  35. What is the added feature that HTTP digest authentication offers over basic authentication?

  36. What is an advantage that form-based HTTP authentication has over regular authentication.

  37. In the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol the two parties involved

  38. If you want to write a servlet that will be distributable (that is, deployed in a J2EE with load distribution). Which one of the following is something that you must do?

  39. A big difference between Java Server Pages (JSP) and JavaScript is that

  40. If you wanted to share some piece of information among two different servlets on the same servlet engine, which one of the following could you use?

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