The answers are in boldface.

  1. The Object Management Group was formed in order to promote development in what kind of environments?

  2. The Object Management Group is responsible for

  3. The long-term vision of the Object Management Group is

  4. The OMA Object Model describes an object as an encapsulated entity whose services can only be accessed (pick the one that forms part of the OMA Object Model):

  5. You are a software engineering in the B2B industry and write an interface for purchase-order submission that can be used by anyone in your industry. Under the OMA Reference Model your interface would be considered a

  6. You implement a new way for an object to dynamically query for the interface of a given object reference. Under the OMA Reference Model your interface would be considered a

  7. The CORBA Dynamic Invocation Interface is used for

  8. Say someone emails you a stringified CORBA object which you know nothing about, which of the following is something you can not do with it?

  9. In CORBA the stub and skeleton:

    The ORB handles the communication infrastructure, the stub and skeleton talk to the ORB.

  10. In CORBA, marshaling means:

  11. The CORBA Object Adapter is responsible for many things. Which one of the following tasks is not one of the responsibilities of the CORBA Object Adapter?

  12. Why was the development of an Interface Definition Language required for CORBA?

  13. In IDL, an attribute represents a

  14. In IDL, an attribute maps into (that is, when running the IDL compiler)

  15. Which one of the following is a primitive data type that is not supported by IDL.

  16. In IDL, the any type represents

    The Any class is just a mapping for a particular language (C++).

  17. The IDL statement sequence<string<5>,10> defines a new type which holds:

  18. In the IDL function definition string foo(out Employee e);, the out parameter implies that:

  19. Which one of the following IDL snippets is incorrect? i.e., which will not be compiled by an idl compiler?

    The interface is used before its declared.

  20. Given the following interface

    module M{
      interface Factory {
        string foo(in string x);
      interface Boo{
        string bar(inout Boo b);
    When a client calls bar on a CORBA object that implements the Boo interface, what happens?

  21. An IDL module maps to C++

  22. Which of the following assertions about a CORBA object reference is not true.

    Stubs and object references are different entities in CORBA.

  23. Which one of the following is something a CORBA ORB can not hide from the client of a CORBA object?

  24. What is IIOP?

  25. When you compile your interface file with idlj for Java, the interface member functions end up declared in which file (assume your interface is named Hello and your module HelloMod).

  26. By examining the file generated by idlj we can determine

  27. In CORBA the narrow function is responsible for

  28. The resolve_initial_references function in CORBA returns

  29. Which are the two implementation models for a Java CORBA server?

  30. You can make a stringified reference of a CORBA object with the call

  31. What does RMI-IIOP allow you to do?

  32. What does rmic -idl do?

  33. What does the CORBA Interface Repository (IR) service provide?

  34. Which one of the following actions is not a step that a CORBA server must take when it runs in order to serve a CORBA object:

  35. You implemented a CORBA interface which is now used by millions all over the world. Your object server uses a factory to serve instance of your object. After living the good life off your royalties for two years, you decide that its time to improve your implementation. You want to add new functions to your interface but without having to force your client who do not want to use the new functions to re-compile their programs. Can you do that? How? Also, assume that none of them want to use dynamic invocation.

  36. An IDL sequence is mapped to a C++

  37. Which one of the following is a feature that RMI has but CORBA lacks?

    You can get dynamic invocation in Java (or, something close to it) by using reflection (which is really should be called "introspection").

  38. Which one of the following is a feature that CORBA has but RMI lacks?

  39. The CORBA naming service is more powerful than the RMI naming service because

  40. Which one of the following is a difference between the code generated by idlj and the code generated by MICO's idl?

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