CSCE 492: Problem Set 1

Due: 9 February 2006

The first problem set consists of several parts.

  1. A written summary of your proposed project.
  2. A set of Use Cases that describe your project. See Chapter 3 for some examples.
  3. An initial design, including UML class and other diagrams. See Chapter 3-4 of the textbook for examples.
  4. A class presentation of your proposed project. The presentations should last no more than 20 minutes and need to describe in some detail what your program will do. The audience (your peers) will play the part of customers who will ask for clarifications, request new features, and criticize existing features of your program.

Submission Instructions

Each group will bring their writeup to their weekly meeting during the week of February 9. Be prepared to discuss your design.

José M. Vidal
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