CSCE 492: Progress Reports

Due: Monday, 27 January 2003 @10am, and every Monday afterwards.

Weekly Progress Reports

Every week you will email a progress report to the class mailing list. You must send this email even if your team did not do anything on the given week. The progress report should be detailed. I should specify exactly which code changes, bugfixes, design decisions, etc. you made during the week.

The progress report should be in plain text and look like:

Subject: myteamname: Report for Jan 27
 Enumerated list of the things the team achieved this week.

 List of things Alice did. Refer to the items above if necessary.

 List of things Bob did.

 List of things Clarke did.
Mail all progress reports to the class mailing list. If you are using a source control system then you can just email the check-in comments for each developer, once you start programming.

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