CSCE 492: Problem Set 2

Due: Tuesday, 18 March 2003 @2pm

Code Review: For this problem set you will need to s et up a meeting with me. The meeting will probably take about 2 hours (on average, it will vary among projects). You must schedule the meeting to happen before the March 21, and send me an email annoucing the time you want by March 18 (above). I will meet with each group individually. The meeting will be no more than two hours long. In this meeting you will need to:

  1. Demonstrate your tracer bullet implementation, as agreed to in our first meeting.
  2. Bring a hardcopy of your commented source code, UML diagrams, and any other supporting information that documents the ongoing progress.
  3. Be prepared to explain to me, in great detail, your design and your code. You should have reasoned justifications for all your design decisions and coding practices.
  4. Explain how the work was distributed among the team members.
  5. Have a list of the work (features) that remains to be done.

José M. Vidal
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