492 Calendar

Date Material Covered Reading Homework
Jan. 17 Introduction. What is Software Engineering?    
Jan. 24 After the Gold Rush. Abstraction and Specification. Abstract Data Types.   Turn in team preferences.
Jan. 31 UML introduction. UML Distilled  
Feb. 7 Proposal Presentations   Project Proposal Due
Feb. 14 Design Reviews    
Feb. 21 Design Reviews UML Distilled Group meeting with instructor this week!
Feb. 28 Design Reviews, Source Control. UML Distilled  
March. 7 Debugging. Code Complete.    
March 14 Spring Break. No classes.    
March 21      
March 28     Code Review Due
April. 4      
April 11      
April 18 No Classes    
April 25      
May 2 Project Presentations    
May 7     Final writeups due at 10am

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