You are required to have both a

  1. detailed overall integration testing plan, with specific test cases
  2. specified unit tests.
Testing should be done continuously, from the time you start programming. You should automate as many of the tests as possible. Read Chapter 22 for more details on testing.

  1. Does each requirement have its own test case?
  2. Has each line of code been tested with at least one test case?
  3. Have all paths thru your code been excersized and tested?
  4. Have all simple boundaries been tested: maximum, minimum, and off-by-one boundaries?
  5. Do tests cases check for the wrong kind of data: when the user enters a string a you are expecting a number? or he types in an empty string? or the data file is empty?
  6. Are your unit tests run automatically?
  7. Are your integration tests run automatically?

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