First Day


These are the things you need to do on the first day of classes.

  1. Create a group. Give it a name.
  2. Email me the names and gmail addresses of everyone in your group. Tell me which times you definetedly cannot meet. I will reply with your weekly meeting time, for which you should save 1 hour.
  3. Go to and create a new project. Add all members to it, and also add jmvidal.
  4. Start learning how to use the wiki and issues tracker at your project in
  5. Decide on a language and an IDE.
  6. Start learning about subversion and download the appropiate svn plugin for your IDE, or tortoisesvn.
  7. Determine how your group will meet.
  8. Decide on a project.
  9. Read chapters 1 and 2.

Jose M Vidal
Last modified: Tue Aug 11 10:09:41 EDT 2009