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 Group projects posted
Posted on Wednesday December 13, 05:08PM
I have posted the final writeups of all the groups that have turned it in (i.e., all except Co-trader). No, I still have not graded them but when I do you can expect to see it here first.

I notice many of you did not use CVS like I mandated. You will lose points for that.

 Demos are over!!!
Posted on Thursday December 07, 05:00PM
The demos/presentations are over and they all went very well. I would like to thank all of you for being guinea-pigs given this is the first time this class has been given. I would appreciate it if you could comment on your final writeup on how the class could be improved.

I also just update the PS3 handout (for your final writeup), so disregard any older versions you might have printed out.

Happy Holidays!

 Final Project details are available
Posted on Thursday November 09, 02:20PM
The details on the final project presentation and writeups can be found under PS3 at the left. You will need to follow the guidelines closely.

I want the website you build to show off your talents!

 Rational Rose now Available in Labs
Posted on Tuesday October 31, 01:28PM
Rational Rose Enterprise edition is now available in the SWGN 1D11 and 1D15 laboratories. You can (should) use it to generate your UML class diagrams. You might have to start it a couple of times since it appears to sometimes have trouble accessing the key server (or try a different machine).

 Code Reviews are Due Soon
Posted on Monday October 30, 07:12AM
Click on the link on the left to get the details.

 You Need to Check code to CVS
Posted on Tuesday October 24, 08:11AM
As of this moment, only the Halcyon and cotrader groups have checked in their source code to CVS, and only those two and Name_Pending have created a project on source.cse.sc.edu. The other groups really need to catch up.

 Remember to Create Your CVS Repositories
Posted on Thursday October 05, 03:42PM
I want to stress, once again, that creating and using a CVS repository is a requirement. No, I do not think it is too much of an overkill. Yes, I realize that you will have to learn a new tool but is part of being a software engineer. If you want to learn more about CVS I highly recommend the CVS Book, most of the chapters are available online for free.

 For Those of You Building Web Sites
Posted on Tuesday October 03, 11:08PM
If you are building a website for your project, or are intereseted in reading about how it should be done, I highly recommend Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing. It is a very opinionated (often wisely) tour of good web design and, well, life as a software engineer in general. You might also want to check out his SQL for web nerds.

 Group Meetings and More Design
Posted on Thursday September 21, 04:07PM
On next Thursday we will continue with our "design meeting" for the rest of the groups. Please make sure at least one person from each group attends (otherwise, we will not tell you what your design should look like).

Also, each group will need to meet with me twice before the code review. The first time should be on the last weeks of September (that is, now), and the second time on the last weeks of October. Please send me an email to schedule the appointments. The best times are Tuesday/Thursday afternoons or Wednesdays.

Update: Friday September 22, 04:35PM These meetings are worth 10% of your grade. You are responsible for setting them up. If we have not met by the due date, your group will lose the 10% of the class grade.

 PS1 Grades are Out
Posted on Friday September 15, 02:31PM
If you are curious, you can check your grade by clicking on the Grades button on the left.

In general I think the project ideas were great and showed that people are taking this project seriously. However, the design was usually poor and in some cases almost non-existant. I am also troubled by the division of labor that some groups seem to be leaning towards. Remember, I want everyone in the team to contribute to the design and coding of the project.

On the next class I will hand back your graded designs and we will go over each one of them. You should start thinking about how to improve your design right now. Think about

  • What are the modules? What is the "natural" way to split the problem?
  • What are the responsibilitites of each module?
  • What are the functions that each module will implement?
  • Is there any overlap in functionality between modules? If so, is it better to create a superclass to absorb that functionality? or a library?
  • Who will implement each module?

 PS1 is Out!
Posted on Wednesday September 06, 10:33AM
As you can see on the left there, the Project Proposal handout is out. You should start working on this right now because, as you can read, it is not a trivial document I am asking for.

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