CSCE 492: Problem Set 1

Due: Thursday, 14 September 2000

The project proposal is meant to simulate the contract that is established between the software engineering team (you) and the customers or marketing department. Also, the proposal will contain your initial system design. In order for me to approve a project it will need to be sufficiently challenging. Of course, this is a judgement call.

In order to make the whole process more fair, each group is required to give a 10 minute informal presentation on the day the proposals are due. You can then ask questions of the other teams. At the end of class I will collect a secret vote from every person in the class rating each project in terms of its "technical challenge". I will use the results from these votes in determining the suitability of each project.

What you need to turn in: (80%)

  1. Signed Coversheet.
  2. A team name. The name must be one word with no spaces or weird characters (so we can use in on sourceforge).
  3. A detailed description of what your program will do.
  4. A list of all the features you will implement. You can mark some of them as "extra credit" meaning that you consider them above and beyond what you need to do in order to get an A.
  5. A timeline for design, implementation, debugging, testing, polishing, etc. It should include a division of labor (who will do what) and should take into account the deadlines that I have set in the Calendar.
  6. Several use case diagrams.
  7. An UML class diagram for your project.

(20%) A 10 minute presentation on the day the proposal is due. This is an informal presentation (the formal one will be at the end of the semester) so don't spend too much time making nice overheads and such. You just need to convince others that your proposed application is way beyond the engineering abilities of an untrained professional.

Jose M. Vidal
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