State Farmer's Market Website

Columbia has a great farmer's market, next to the stadium, which does not have a website. We have been contacted by Jessica Wyndham who has asked us if we could put together a simple website for the state farmer's market. She says that we should use as inspiration the Portland farmer's market website (of course, you do not want to copy their code, just browse it for ideas). So, our first homework you will deliver a website that

  1. is fully validated,
  2. has separated content (XHTML) from presentation (CSS),
  3. CSS classes should have good names,
  4. and uses a consistent, user-friendly, and pleasant presentation.

The final project is due Monday, Feb. 9 at 9am.

The requirements are the website should have the tabs, subtabs, and text shown below. For the pages for which we have no text either make up something or write "coming soon". The tabs your web site should have are:

  1. Home: Use "Intro" and "Entrance" Rendering
  2. About the Market (General Info, Map, News)
  3. Directions/ Hours (Directions, Hours)
  4. Events and Calendar (Events, Calendar)
  5. Product Availability (Product List, Seasonal Calendar)
  6. Exhibition Kitchen (Schedule, About, Cooking Classes)
  7. Restaurant (About, Menu, Hours/ Directions)
  8. Newsletter (Current, Archives)
  9. Fresh Ideas (Fresh Finds, Fresh Recipes):
  10. Kids Corner (Classes, Activities, Fun)
  11. Vendors (List by Name, List by Product, Vendor Resources)
  12. Links
  13. Contact Us

You should use the logo and some the other images that have been provided to us.


  1. First build a skeleton html file that implents the look of your website. All your pages should just change the content (English text) of this file.
  2. Feel free to use Server Side Includes if you want.

Turing it In

You must both zip the complete directory and email it to me, as well as placing all the files on your public_html and sending me the link to that live version.

Jose M Vidal
Last modified: Mon Jan 26 12:41:06 EST 2009