Creating Projects


1.     Go to File and Create New Project File.



2.     Choose Java Project and click next

3.     Name it ch01 and click next

4.     Now we are going to add a jar file to our library path. Click on the tab Libraries. Click on the button Add external JARs. Browse to find the Becker.JAR file and click Open. Now the Becker.JAR is in your library path.


5.     We need to put in the documentation for the becker.jar. Click on the plus next to the becker.jar. Choose Javadoc location and click on the Edit Button. Find the documentation and click OK. Now the documentation is set for Eclipse.



6.     Now click finish to make the project.

7.     Now to add files to the project, just find the .java and copy and paste into ch01. The files should be located in the default package.


8.     To run a program, first double click on a .java file, for example. Then right click and go to the bottom where it says run as and choose java application.